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a software toolkit for generative literature


 ASimpleOne  (source)  Super simple text display
 BoundingBoxes  (source)  Bounding boxes & alignment options
 HaikuGrammar  (source)  A simplified Haiku with RiGrammar
 Kafgenstein  (source)  A RiMarkov example w' Kafka & Wittgenstein
 LetterGrid  (source)  Processing's letter-grid example
 TextLayout  (source)  Simple layout of a page of text
 TextMotion  (source) RiTexts in motion with moveTo()
 WordsLettersLines  (source) Create RiTexts by line, word, or letter
 RandomSynonyms  (source) Generate lists of synonyms with RiWordNet
 ReplaceableWriting  (source) Real-time word replacement with RiWordNet