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a software toolkit for generative literature



  now with one API for Java, JavaScript, Node, & Android!

RiTa is designed to be an easy-to-use toolkit for experiments in natural language and generative literature. The philosophy behind the API is to be as simple and intuitive as possible, while still providing adequate flexibility for more advanced tasks. RiTa is implemented in Java and JavaScript with a single API and optionally integrates with Processing. It is free/libre and open-source via a GPL license.

Some of the features of RiTa include:

  • Text-generation via Context-Free Grammars and Markov-chains
  • Taggers for Syllables, Phonemes, Stress, Part-of-Speech, etc.
  • Modules for tokenization, verb conjugation, pluralization, and stemming
  • A user-customizable lexicon with a letter-to-sound phoneme generation
  • A standard set of 'easing' effects for animation & textual behaviors
  • Integration with Processing, ProcessingJS, and NodeJS
  • Runs in or outside the browser, with or without Processing (also in Android)
  • Integrates with (locally-installed) WordNet dictionary

  • Based on the RiTa library for Java, RiTaJS was developed to provide a seamless transition for those wishing to work with programmatic natural language natively in the web browser (in HTML5), as well as for those switching from Processing to ProcessingJS. For server-side applications, RiTaJS also runs as a Node.js module. The RiTa tools are currently implemented for English with a Spanish version under development.



                                                from the old Norse, meaning to mark, scratch, or scribble