EclipseP5Exporter: Processing-style export from Eclipse

NOTE: Due to the forthcoming Eclipse Plugin component, authored by the folks at, this temporary solution will no longer be supported. Thank you for your interest.


Mimics Processing's PDE export code in an Eclipse plugin for simple export of applications (for Mac OS X, Windows, & Linux) and applets, with and w'out OpenGL support, directly from the Eclipse interface.


[download version 0.2.4 beta]               
(current stable version / for Processing 1.0.x)               



  1. Make sure to quit Eclipse if it is running
  2. Drop the jar file (dch.eclipse.EclipseP5Exporter_#.#.jar) into the Eclipse 'plugins' directory (e.g., /Applications/eclipse/plugins/)
  3. Restart Eclipse. You should see a new Processing style button in the tool-bar and a new entry under the 'Project' menu.
               * screenshots of some common setups *